Ashley Kravitz began her career in the early 90's as a Clearance
Administrator at Dick Clark Productions working on the many
award and blooper shows Mr. Clark produced.

In 1994, Ashley left Dick Clark Productions for a position as a
Clearance Administrator in the Corporate Legal Dept. of the
Walt Disney Company. For 2 years she cleared materials for
various Disney divisions, including theme parks, internet sites,
and records. Although she enjoyed her position, Ashley had
always wanted to work on feature films. Her opportunity came
in 1996, when a position in Disney's Theatrical Division
became available.

Ashley loved her new job handling the clearances on some for
the studio's biggest hits, and she was soon promoted to Senior
Clearance Administrator. During this time Ashley also earned
the title of Mother giving birth to a daughter in '97 and a son in
'99. In 2000, the responsibilities of motherhood made it difficult
for her to give her projects the attention that she felt they
deserved, so she amicably resigned from
the Walt Disney Company.

That same year, some of the producers she had worked with
during her tenure at Disney started to call and ask for her
expertise on various projects. Ashley was happy to help, since
she really enjoys the work. Since then, Ashley has worked as a
freelance contractor and as of February 2006, she incorporated
and launched Cleared By Ashley, Inc

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